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Vtech Cs6114 Dect 6.0 Cordless Phone

The vtech cs6 114 cordless phone is the perfect choice for those who want the best call quality and satisfaction with their phone. This phone is with dect 6. 0 and comes with a caller id call waiting feature that makes it easy to keep your call privacy.

How Long Does It Take For A Vtech Cordless Phone To Charge

It takes about two hours for a vtech cordless phone to charge.

Vtech Dect 60 Cordless Phone With Caller Id - 1 Handset

The vtech cs6114 dect 6. 0 is a cordless phone that is designed for use in any small or medium-sized business. With one handset, you can call employees, customers, or guests. The phone is easy to operate with a call history and a call button to keep you organized. the vtech cs6114 is a great cordless phone. It has a call waiting handbook that gives you the ability to answer phone calls easy. It is also on dect 6. 0 and has a 1 handot keypad with up to 8 calls per minute. The cs6114 also has a black and white tv-style screen with a 8" touch screen. 0 cordless phone is perfect for those with a busy lifestyle. With its front-to-back nametag, this phone will always answer the callers. The cs6114 is also free of any type of digital noise that canabadoubtfulsly make it impossible to the hear or see the caller. This phone is perfect for those who want the perfect call, and who want to learn if they are getting a dect 6. 0 compatible phone. the vtech cs6114 cordless phone is perfect for anyone who wants a phone that is easy to use and provides great hands-on time with calls. This phone has a caller id call waiting feature that makes it easy to get involved in your phone's sound and communication. The white andgrey colors are perfect for any room and the overall design means that this phone will be an important part of your lifestyle.